What's in a Love Scene?

So... I wrote my first love scene and let's just say it was a very interesting experience. Finding the words to describe what I wanted to describe without sounding utterly trashy was quite challenging and I found myself wondering exactly where the boundary line resides that separates genre romance from erotica. Like, how nasty is too nasty? How explicit is too explicit? I wasn't sure and I'm still not. 

Of course, I know the big thing in a romance novel is the connection. There needs to be an enotional connection, some feelings of fondness leading up to love. I get that. I got that. I wrote that. 

But the sex,,,,

How do you create a sex scene that's sensual and satisfying to the reader without veering into sleazy porn territory? My thinking is it largely depends on the terminology used during those scenes. So I took to Google to find me some euphemisms and boy did I find some that helped me craft what I hope is a good, tasteful love scene! Well, maybe it's somewhere between tasteful and not so tasteful, but I like it. :-)

Here are the links to the resources I found:

If you know of any other good sources, please share them in the comments!

Side note: I've written a total of 14,000 words so far for NaNoWriMo!!! Woo hoooooo!!!


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