#CoverReveal!!!! Higher Love

Hey, everyone!! I'm proud to share the cover for my novel, Higher Love!! 

Coming December 26, 2016. Now available for pre-order!!!

Pre-order link: http://a.co/aT7ri8O

Setting the Mood - #amwriting

When you're writing about love and falling in love and making love, what do you do to get in the mood? What motivates you to push the story forward and create magical chemistry between your hero and heroine?  For me, it's music. There's nothing like a nice sensual tune to set the mood for me and my characters. The right song can be very effective in many ways.

Believe me.

What also helps is to light some candles, maybe even dim the lights (but not so much that you can't see to write). And voila! You're on your way to making your romantic scenes leap off the pages.

For today's post, I thought I'd share the tracks that I've kept on heavy rotation as I pen my novel. Enjoy!!

Groove With You by The Isley Brothers
Between the Sheets by The Isley Brothers
Sensuality Parts I and II by The Isley Brothers
Make Me Say it Again Girl by The Isley Brothers
(I know, I know...a lot of Isley Brothers, lol)

What's on your list? Let me know in the comments below!!

What's in a Love Scene?

So... I wrote my first love scene and let's just say it was a very interesting experience. Finding the words to describe what I wanted to describe without sounding utterly trashy was quite challenging and I found myself wondering exactly where the boundary line resides that separates genre romance from erotica. Like, how nasty is too nasty? How explicit is too explicit? I wasn't sure and I'm still not. 

Of course, I know the big thing in a romance novel is the connection. There needs to be an enotional connection, some feelings of fondness leading up to love. I get that. I got that. I wrote that. 

But the sex,,,,

How do you create a sex scene that's sensual and satisfying to the reader without veering into sleazy porn territory? My thinking is it largely depends on the terminology used during those scenes. So I took to Google to find me some euphemisms and boy did I find some that helped me craft what I hope is a good, tasteful love scene! Well, maybe it's somewhere between tasteful and not so tasteful, but I like it. :-)

Here are the links to the resources I found:

If you know of any other good sources, please share them in the comments!

Side note: I've written a total of 14,000 words so far for NaNoWriMo!!! Woo hoooooo!!!

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