#TeaserTuesday - It's an excerpt!

I thought I'd let you all see what I've been up to. Here's an excerpt from Let Me Love You (tentative title), book 1 of my McClain Brothers series. It's unedited, subject to change, yada-yada-yada. Enjoy!!

Minutes later, I was in the backseat of a black Denali with heavily tinted windows with Oba in the front seat chatting with the driver on my way to—
“Hey, uh...Oba, who are we delivering this to?" I asked.
Oba shrugged while glancing back at me. "He didn't tell me."
I didn't ask the driver, because his old ass creeped me out. He reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson's character in Django Unchained—gray and ornery. I did, however, lift the lid and peek inside the box at the piece, one I'd seen Todd, another bench jeweler, working on. A puffed heart made of what appeared to be zillions of tiny diamonds on a platinum chain. It was brilliant and gorgeous.
What felt like forever later, we stopped in front of a boutique hotel, a really nice one, and I started feeling pissed about delivering this gorgeous piece of jewelry to some skank. Nevertheless, I slid out of the vehicle after the driver opened the door for me. Oba checked his phone, said, "Fifth floor. Penthouse suite," and then motioned for me to walk ahead of him.
I clutched the box nervously, wishing I had a bag to put it in because I was afraid I'd drop it and its contents before we made it to our destination. As if reading my mind, Oba said, "Hold on," reached into the front seat of the SUV, and unearthed a shiny black Bijou Park sack. I took it from him, carefully sliding the box inside.
Oba walked closely behind me as I stepped through the elegant lobby toward the elevators. My legs felt like rubber as the weight of what I was doing settled on my shoulders. I was delivering an insanely expensive piece of jewelry to someone, someone obviously rich and probably famous. What if someone had followed us from Bijou Park and tried to rob us? Sure, Oba was huge and armed, but what if a group of huge, armed dudes tried to rob us? What if they kidnapped me and held me for ransom and—the elevator dinged, making me jump, snatching me from my thoughts, and prompting me to step inside. Moments later, the doors opened, and after we exited the elevator, Oba had to give me a little nudge so I would start moving toward the only door in the hallway. A cavernous bassline grew louder and louder as I approached the door, and when I knocked timidly, I doubted it could be heard over the music.
Oba reached over my five-foot-two frame, which seemed even smaller in stature with his imposing one towering over me, and beat his fist against the door, startling me even though I saw him do it. I glanced up at him nervously. He gave me a shrug and a smirk.
The music was lowered and the door swung open. A man that damn near matched Oba in height and girth appeared with a scowl on his face. He and Oba were on opposite ends of the skin tone spectrum. Where Oba was dark as night, this man was extremely light-skinned with orangey-colored hair. He frowned down at me then let his eyes climb up to Oba. That's when a smile appeared on his face. As I stood there, he reached over my head and gave Oba dap. "'Sup, my nigga?!"
Oba was just as animated as he said, "Sup, Dunn?! You know…same ole grind. Shit, Park didn't tell me we were coming to see your guy. Wish I’da known. I ain't know what I was getting into."
"Who dat?" This querying voice came from inside the suite.
"Tell boss man Peter Park's folks are here with that piece," Dunn said.
"A'ight," answered the voice.
"Y'all come in," Dunn offered, and then he smiled at me. "O, man? Who we got here?"
I rolled my eyes before I could stop myself. Because I was running late this morning, I'd thrown on a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt, didn't bother to apply a stitch of makeup so the freckles that I'd always hated were prominent on my face, and my wild natural hair was pushed away from my face with a thick, cloth headband. I didn't look hideous, but I wasn't displaying anything that made me worthy of his leer.
Before Oba could introduce me to Dunn and vice versa, the voice returned and I found it was attached to another behemoth of a man—all height and muscles like Oba and Dunn with a skin tone somewhere in between theirs. "Aye, the boss said y'all can go on back there," he announced, nodding toward a door deeper in the suite.
"A'ight, Tommy,” Oba said, looking from the voice to me. “Lead the way, Jo."
I swallowed and moved toward the door only to hear mumbling and snickering behind me, sure one or both of the two giants who evidently resided in that suite were looking at my ass. I rolled my eyes again.
Knocking on the door, I felt my heart begin to race. Who was this boss man of theirs? Was he rich and famous or just rich? Oba obviously knew who he was, because he was familiar with his security. I wished I had time to ask Oba who—
"Come in!" was yelled through the door.
I turned the knob and walked inside, stopping without giving Oba room to enter.
I recognized him instantly, but anyone would've since he was probably the most recognizable rapper on the planet. He wasn't old, only in his late thirties, but had been in the rap game for so long he was definitely considered one of the old heads at this point. Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling, world-renowned, skilled like no other, and fine as all hell. That's how I'd describe this man. I was shocked, pleasantly stunned into silence and paralysis.
He was shirtless and the swollen muscles of his chest and abdomen teased me as a sheet covered his lower body. He was sitting on the side of the bed, his dreads hanging loosely around his face. He wore a blank look on his face as I stood there unraveling in his presence.

No release date yet, because--ahem--I'm still writing it. I'll keep you posted!!


  1. Super late but I am listening to this book on audible and I cant turn it off. Love the personalities and humor. You have a new fan! Thank you for sharing your craft❤


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